Guiding Values

We value…


  • Kinky Culture and Community

    • producing content that caters to performers’ strengths and desires

    • people—and the mental and physical safety of our performers and crew—over profits

    • Fostering a positive environment for diverse sexual expression

  • Consent-

    • Ongoing, open communication through the whole production process in which performers and crew have bodily autonomy. 

    • Anyone can safeword on set, including the PA. 

  • Diversity-racial, gender, and sexual orientation diversity in our workplace and work product

    • Intentionally promote Black, Indigenous, brown, queer, trans, gender non-specific, disabled, and poor core workers, crew, and performers. 

    • No racists, transphobes, homophobes, misogynists, bullies, or assholes!

  • Mutual exchange, care, and support

    • respect among performers and crew

    • clear agreed-upon expectations

    • comfortable conditions for cast and crew

    • creating a friendly and fun atmosphere on set

    • providing opportunities for anonymous feedback after every shoot 

    • No recreational drugs on set—this means alcohol, weed, or anything else that might affect your judgment.

  • Open communication

    • Shoots- with producers and directors before, during, and after every shoot

    • Workshops

    • Advocacy

  • Transparent and fair compensation for all.

  • We value learning. 

Mission Statement

Filthy Communications brings together fetishists, freaks, exhibitionists, and queers to promote diverse sexual expression and give the world the kinky media it deserves through film production, education, and advocacy.



Filthy Films / Media experiments with how to produce content in an era where performers are producers and adult content extends into virtual reality. We take a highly collaborative, iterative approach at all stages of production and work to ensure that what we create meets multiple needs (including social media, personal performer websites, VR experiences, etc.) On all our sets, we celebrate and affirm kinky culture.     



Filthy Events / Education create an entry point for people to explore their sexualities, pleasures, and kinks in an environment of care, curiosity, and exploration. Past events include Heavy Handed (an impact play virtual workshop), multiple AMA’s with performers, a booth at Folsom Street Fair 2022; upcoming workshops include a Flogging Class (May 2023) and Video Production for Adult Content Creators (Coming later 2023).  


Filthy Advocacy helps to normalize adult-related content through fighting censorship, speaking to mainstream audiences about the adult industry, and educating policymakers and elected leaders about the impacts of public policy on free speech. 


Filthy Communications Founder 


Fivestar, owner of Filthy Communications, is an experienced and respected adult film director and producer, bondage rigger, and free speech advocate located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about increasing the diversity of representation within the adult industry both in front of and behind the camera. She produces films that affirm and celebrate a wide variety of kinky desires, which requires care and attention at all stages of production.


Fivestar thrives on bringing enthusiastic and talented people together to create films and events that facilitate free expression. She fosters a positive environment in Filthy Communications productions through open and clear dialogue with all involved regarding consent, expectations, limits, performer well-being, and fair compensation. She values feedback at all stages. Fivestar’s supportive and communicative approach generates trust and respect among industry veterans and newbies alike. 


As an industry veteran herself, Fivestar knows all sides of the production process. She geeks out on the technology of filmmaking with the goal of reinforcing the power of erotic imagery to open minds and help people realize they are far from alone in their kinky desires. Fivestar also enjoys creating tutorials, speaking on production panels, and consulting with creators on how to improve their craft as a means to help passionate performers build their technical skills. Fivestar has shared her story at industry events and mainstream tech events, and has even lobbied in Sacramento and will be lobbying in Washington, DC.   


Fivestar has an extensive filmography and has directed and produced countless lesbian, queer, trans, bondage and BDSM content in traditional and virtual reality formats. 


You can find more of Fivestar’s work on her website and